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Convenient Portability with Floor Scale Capacity


The Defender 3000 Drum Scale is a durable portable floor scale designed for industrial applications. It features a mild steel platform with treads, built-in front/back access ramps, 4 load cells (with alloy steel feet & top leveling), and the popular T32M indicator for clear display of weighing results. For rapid portability, the base can be turned onto its side using the stainless steel handles and it can moved around the shop floor using the two built-in wheels



Weighing, Counting Parts, Checkweighing, Accumulation, Dynamic/Display Hold



Backlit liquid crystal display (LCD)



AC adapter with Auto Shut-off feature (included)



Easy access communication port including RS232 interface (included)



Painted steel platform with treads, front ABS/rear painted carbon steel, indicator & mounting bracket, aluminum junction box, four alloy steel load cells with top height adjustment, front/back access ramps


Design Features

Low-profile design

Ohaus Defender Drum Scale DFD32M

PriceFrom $1,965.00

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