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• Capacities: 500–5000 kg, 1k–10k lbs.

• Low proile construction

• Certiied to OIML R-60, 3000d and NTEP class III, 3000 divisions

• Sealing: IP67 (DIN 40.050)

• Nickel-plated alloy steel construction

• Threaded load hole

• Optional ❍ FM certiied for use in potentially explosive atmospheres



• Floor scales

• Tank weighing

• Bin and hopper weighing



The Model 5123 is a low proile single-ended shear beam type load cell made from nickel-plated tool steel.This product is suitable for small and medium platform scales, overhead track scales, hopper scales, and process weighing applications. Reliable sealing is ensured by the proprietary TRANSEAL potting compound and additional mechanical protection of the strain gage area. Ease of installation is made possible through the use of a partially threaded hole to accept levelling feet, load buttons, or loading cables.


NTEP Approved

FM Approved

VPG Revere 5123 Alloy Steel, Single Ended Beam Load Cell

PriceFrom $312.00
  • Full Scale Output:
    3.0 mV/V

    Output Resistance:
    352 (± 3) ohm 

    Input Resistance:
    350 (± 7) ohm 

    Alloy steel, nickel plated

    Compensated range
    14°F to 104°F (-10°C to 40°C)
    Operating range
    0° F to 150° F (-18° C to 65° C)

    Seal Type:
    Environmentally sealed, IP67

    Safe Overload:
    150% full scale

    Safe Sideload:
    100% full scale

    Rated Excitation:
    5-10 VDC (15 V maximum)

    Combined Error:
    0.025% full scale

    0.01% full scale

    Insulation Resistance:
    1,000 megohms

    Deflection at Capacity:
    1,000 lb=0.016 in
    2,500 lb=0.03 in
    4,000 lb=0.04 in
    5,000 lb=0.035 in
    10,000 lb=0.042 in

    Cable Length:
    20 ft

    Cable Color Code:
    Red +Excitation
    Black –Excitation
    Green +Signal
    White –Signal

    One-year limited warranty


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