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Introducing the OHAUS Explorer High Capacity Balances, meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled precision and versatility in demanding industrial and laboratory environments. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-capacity weighing applications, these balances offer exceptional performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Featuring cutting-edge technology and advanced features, the OHAUS Explorer High Capacity Balances provide precise measurement capabilities with a high degree of accuracy. With weight capacities ranging from 12kg to 35kg and readability options down to 0.1g, these balances are suitable for a wide range of weighing tasks, from heavy-duty industrial processes to intricate laboratory experiments.


Equipped with intuitive touchscreen interfaces and user-friendly navigation menus, the OHAUS Explorer High Capacity Balances offer effortless operation and seamless integration into your workflow. The large, high-resolution display provides clear visibility of measurement results, ensuring accurate readings with every use.


Built to withstand the rigors of daily use, these balances feature robust construction and durable materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. Additionally, this Ohaus Scales has advanced features such as internal calibration, multiple connectivity options, and customizable settings further enhance the functionality and versatility of these balances.


Whether you're conducting quality control checks, formulation processes, or research experiments, the OHAUS Explorer High Capacity Balances provide the precision, accuracy, and flexibility you need to achieve optimal results. Trust in OHAUS Scales to deliver exceptional performance and reliability for all your high-capacity weighing needs.

Ohaus Explorer Series (High Capacity)

PriceFrom $4,168.00
  • Pan Size 14.8 in x 12.2 in (377 mm x 311 mm)
    Internal Calibration AutoCal™ - Automatic
    Auxiliary Display Model Available as an Accessory
    Battery Life 10 Hours with Rechargeable Battery
    Communication Ethernet (Available as an Accessory);  USB (Included);  RS232 (Included)
    Dimensions 17.44 in x 4.7 in x 14.9 in (443 mm x 120 mm x 377 mm) (LxHxW)
    Display Full-color 5.7 in VGA, touch screen
    In-Use Cover Included
    Legal for Trade Not applicable
    Linearity ± 0.2 g
    Minimum Weight (USP, 0.1%, typical) 210 g
    Net Weight 22 lb (10 kg)
    Pan Construction Stainless Steel
    Power Rechargeable Battery (Not Included);  AC Power (Included)
    Repeatability, typical 0.1 g
    Stabilization Time 1 s
    Tare Range To capacity by subtraction
    Units of Measurement Singapore Tael;  Ounce Troy;  Pennyweight;  Kilogram;  Grain;  Tical;  Custom;  Milligram;  Newton;  Momme;  Taiwan Tael;  Baht;  Gram;  Hong Kong Tael;  Pound;  Tola;  Mesghal;  Carat;  Ounce
    Working Environment 50°F – 86°F, 85%RH, non-condensing (10°C – 30°C, 85%RH, non-condensing)

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